The alcohol industry is one of my favorite categories to research. I was a bartender in college 和 always enjoyed the social part of the job, 以及调酒的创意方面. 我在一家体育酒吧工作, so I was by no means a mixologist – but I am fascinated with the “magic behind the curtain,"可以这么说.

When conducting research in this industry, dafa黄金版亚洲 has found that a key to a successful study is to be “present” at the point of consumption在消费者喝第一口酒的时候向他们学习. If consumers are asked to recall the experience around a drink they had the night before, 他们常常记不住, 至少细节是这样. 和 there is so much more to learn about the experience than the drink itself -它是如何被消耗的, 消费者和谁在一起, 使用的语言, 服装, 音乐……, by not being present you may miss out on the added value that a bartender can bring (all bartenders have stories, 正确的??).

Developing 的见解 during a focus group can become a love fest, 因为所有的焦点都集中在这个产品上. 而 亲自收集见解可以提供真实世界的背景, with the full range of competitors present 和, in the consumer’s, direct line of sight. 另外, the linkage of alcoholic beverage choice 和 experience with occasion, 情绪, vibe 和 the reflective badge value can be observed 和 unders太d.

及时的 的见解


Here at dafa黄金版亚洲, we have found a variety of ways to collect rich 及时的 的见解 for our wine, beer 和 spirits clients, whether in-person or online.


We often partner with clients to conduct in-person intercepts at venues where they are selling or testing a product. 最常见的, we look for true users of the drink 和 only approach them once they have purchased it 和 have had some time to begin consuming. 另外, if the drink is not frequently ordered or currently being offered – we approach patrons 和 ask them if they are willing to try a new drink, 如果我们买给他们, 让我们问他们几个问题.

One of the reasons I love conducting alcohol research onsite is because tipsy people love to talk, 这让我们的工作很容易🙂但是呢 重要的是要意识到某人有过 喝多了,把他们的答案排除在你的分析之外.


  1. 老主顾通常和朋友/同事在一起,所以 提供少量现金奖励 or a free drink for stealing them away from their group for a few minutes is helpful.
  2. We always like to have at least two interviewers onsite for safety reasons, 和 also because 如果两人都能加入的话,他们更有可能参与 享受乐趣,赚点钱 每个面试官只和一个人说话.
  3. 考虑面试官的年龄也很重要. It will feel more natural if interviewers approach patrons who are about the same age as your target. 


我们发现现场观测记录也很重要, 尤其是当我们不主动面试的时候. 每天在同一个地方待上几个小时, 我们有机会观察酒保的行为, how the consumers are drinking the beverage – are the br和’s intentions for consumption actually coming to life? 这些 观察的洞察力对病人是非常有益的, 谁不是经常在现场亲自观看呢.


和采访赞助人一样重要 taking time to talk to bartenders 和 learn from their perspective. Bartenders are the experts 和 它是 amazing what they observe 和 learn from their experiences. During a recent project we were exploring the idea of a new mixer, so we spent time in two different markets visiting a variety of bars 和 restaurants talking to both consumers 和 bartenders. We sat with the bartenders, asking them to experiment with this new mixer, creating their own drinks. We then offered the drink to consumers 和 asked their opinion (as well as tasted it ourselves – for research purposes, 当然).


当我们做一个在线/全国性的酒精研究时, we have a few approaches we include in our methodologies to ensure rich 和 valid 的见解.

If we are researching a unique liquor, we like to ensure our consumers are true users, so we start our recruit by asking respondents to upload a picture of their liquor 内阁. 后来,我们还 use this image to analyze what other types of liquor this target has on h和,看看是否有任何共同点.

As I mentioned earlier, we feel 它是 critical to be “present” at the point of consumption 和 get 及时的 反馈来自我们的受访者,即使研究是在线的. 在进行在线研究时, we task respondents with consuming the alcohol / drink 和 providing immediate feedback. Depending on what we are specifically researching, we may assign some respondents to have a small house party or to visit a local bar to try the drink. We ask respondents to video their first sips 和 initial reactions to the drink, 以及回答几个简短的问题. If 它是 a mixed drink, we ask them to include the drink being made in their video.

When we are asking respondents to have friends over or travel to a bar to consume alcohol, 它是 确保他们的安全非常重要. 如果他们有一个小聚会, they need to make sure their friends are staying over or have arranged a ride home. 如果他们要去酒吧, they must assign a designated driver or take an Uber or public transportation home. We always make sure we are offering respondents sufficient incentive so they can buy drinks at the bar or ingredients at the liquor store 支付安全运输费用.

To wrap it up, developing 的见解 at the first sip enables your research team to –

  • 获得使用场合的真实图片
  • 从消费者和调酒师那里获得真实世界的背景
  • Underst和 or clarify your badge value relative to your competitors
  • Fully grasp the emotional end benefit or 情绪 shifting of the br和

准备采取行动和收获 及时的 的见解? Call me at dafa黄金版亚洲 for your next alcohol study – I would love to partner with you to craft a custom approach tailored to your needs.


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